Hero Squad

Surround yourself with the best army to survive against the hordes!

Go through the halls and collect powerful bonuses to reinforce your troops!
Run to the helicopter to save your army and escape the battlefield!

Create your army now and become the strongest one!
Use your soldiers to shoot bullets at the zombies and kill them.
Earn gold from dead enemies and customize your hero with funny costumes.

We are waiting for you on the battleground for a great adventure, are you ready for action?

How high is your IQ?

Are you ready to put your brain to the test ?
With, you have to bet your people on the right answer only one answer is true, the others are false. You put your characters in jeopardy : everybody who’s on the wrong tile drop into the water!Earn money answering questions and buy improvements and new skins.
Train your IQ with this quiz game.Improve your general culture and impress your friends with your knowledge.If you are a fan of board or trivia games, this app is made for you!

Challenge yourself and your knowledge!

Idle Army

Have you ever dreamt of being a squad leader ?  Now, it’s time to be!

You will have to survive the horde of enemies and count on your amazing team to succeed. Merge your units to become more powerful and defeat the attackers. They will use all their powers to attack you: drones, ninjas, trucks or tanks. Be ready for the battle.

To reach the highest level, you will have to create an all-star crew and have a great rate of fire.

Upgrade and customize your hero as you wish, do you feel more comfortable to shoot the enemies in superhero or in an assassin? That’s your royal choice!

Make sure to test the endless mode to prove your skills!

Be ready for war!